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AnGe4ST Consult - Any challenGe for Surface Treatment Industry
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About me

Noëlle Baute

To my friend André, from up there,

"Thank you for showing me the way"

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Born under the sign of Aries, I always had a strong taste for challenges and discoveries but also, the desire to make things move and bring them to go further.


Taking systems and people from state A to state Z, and make them evolve, isn’t it the true pleasure of project management?


That's why, once my Ph.D in pocket, I quickly immersed myself in the industry "cauldron". One-third of my career, to teach professionals and the other two-thirds, to practice my sense of observation and my ability to think outside the box, on the floor of industry workshops.


All in all, more than 20 years of practical experience in the world of surface treatments. A world so fascinating and complex, but yet so little known and valued, that knowledges could only be transmitted from professionals to others.


AnGe4ST Consult, acronym for "Any ChallenGe for Surface Treatment", was born from these observations and from the desire to share my experience.


My goal for the future, is to help you to meet your challenges.


Noëlle Baute

Surface treatments?

These are treatments, that modify the properties of a metallic part, on his surface.


  - By modifying the nature of the upper surface of this part (Example: heat treatments, shot blasting, ...)


  - By chemically or electrochemically reacting on this surface, giving birth to a new compound, called conversion layer.

(Example: chromating, phosphating, anodizing, ...)


  - By chemically, electrochemically depositing or by projecting on the part, a layer of a new compound (Example: chemical nickel, hard chromium plating, zinc plating, painting, plasma, ...)

Surface treatments are present everywhere, on well-known products and metallic parts that we use every day.


The sectors concerned, are:

Iron and steel industries, aeronautic, automobile and naval construction, armaments,

manufacturing and metal construction companies, consumer goods (household appliances, kitchen utensils, ...)

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Reach your goals

You wish:

audit your production,

improve your processes,

stabilize your procedures

or invest in the future?

You are looking for:

on-site coaching 

or you need to train your staff?

You are looking for:

an experienced manager

to fullfil a specific mission?

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AnGe4ST Consult
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The most dangerous phrase in the language is "we'vealways done it this way". Admiral Grace Hopper
The secret of getting ahead, is getting started. Mark T
La connaissance s'acquiert par l'expérience, tout le reste n'est que de l'information. Einstein
Stay hungry, stay foolish. Steve Jobs
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